wave hello, and wave goodbye

Apple Blossom - Marina and Child!Adella

"Come on, we don’t have all day for you!" Adella was reprimanding her wagon, heavy with a large picnic basket. She tugged on the handle of the little thing, kicking her feet to muster all the strength her eight-year-old arms had. It was certainly a battle for the girl and the wagon that wouldn’t move. It was a bigger wonder why, actually, was she all by herself? If someone offered their help, Adella denied it with a haughty wave of her hand.

Marina said that Corona greeted her with open arms. So a picnic with the queen wasn’t that far fetched an idea? Right? After meeting an awful… whatever he was (a thief? A vandal?), the first acquaintance that she made in Corona deserved a wonderful picnic. The only obstacle was, actually, the spell that reduced her body to what it was ten years ago.